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Cooper Tire
The spring savings event: March 1 - April 15.

Discoverer A/T3

Ideal for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the Discoverer A/T3 utilizes a balanced combination of technology, compounding and design to produce a tire that will perform well in nearly all types of terrains. The A/T3 delivers the premium on-road and off-road performance you expect from an all-terrain tire. The A/T3 builds on our popular Discoverer technology and excels in traction, stability and handling on all surfaces, in all weather, all the time -- making it a great all-terrain tire choice for sport utility vehicles or light trucks.

Discoverer CTS

The Discoverer CTS is a premium luxury all-season touring tire designed to deliver higher levels of wet traction, ride comfort and appearance. The CTS provides enhanced ride comfort and performance for high-end SUVs, crossovers or light trucks. The CTS offers driving enthusiasts technology-inspired performance and style. It incorporates Cooper's proven advanced Response Technology construction, providing superior ride comfort and enhanced performance for a confident ride in wet or dry conditions.

Discoverer ATP

Designed to provide a great balance of on and off-road traction, the Discoverer ATP is ideally suited for the enthusiast and proud owner that demands a great looking tire and performance to match. Designed for today’s sport utility vehicles and light trucks, the Discoverer ATP will give you a high level of confidence and dependable performance that you expect out of an all-terrain tire. With a silica-based compound, aggressive tread design and extended mileage as standard features, the ATP will truly deliver All-Terrain Performance.

Adventurer A/T

The Adventurer A/T is a true all-terrain tire that provides an aggressive five-rib tread design with handling, dependable tread wear and confident all-season performance. Its tread compound is formulated with an optimal mix of all-terrain and road traction properties to provide consistent and dependable performance and grip, while its tread and siping pattern handles wet, dry and off-road conditions, providing dependable mileage and a quiet ride. The Adventurer A/T is suitable for today’s SUVs and ½ ton trucks.

Cooper Zeon RS3-A

The award-winning RS3-A is an all-season ultra-high performance tire within the Cooper performance family. This all-season performance tire provides drivers with a dynamic handling tire that inspires confidence and control in all seasons. The RS3-A’s silica formulated tread compound is designed for exceptional all season driving performance, while its advanced technology mold profile provides a square tread footprint, providing more tread-to-road contact. The RS3-A’s size coverage accommodates a wide range of popular vehicles including high performance and sedans.

Cooper Zeon RS3-S

The RS3-S is the latest ultra-high performance tire that combines world-class wet and dry road traction handling and cornering with outstanding appearance. The tread compounds are specifically formulated to combine dry and wet traction with crisp handling and high speed capabilities. The RS3-S is especially suited for classic and modern cars, sports cars, sports sedans, and imports.

CS4 Touring

The CS4 Touring is Cooper’s premium luxury touring tire designed for drivers who want ride comfort, sporty handling, all-season traction and attractive styling for their everyday drive. This tire’s attractive styling and performance will appeal to any tire buyer. With superb wet weather traction and a smooth, quiet ride, the CS4 will gladly tackle anything Mother Nature throws its way. The CS4 Touring is suitable for a wide range of modern vehicles from coupes and sedans to sport utility vehicles and crossovers.

Discoverer H/T

The Discoverer H/T is Cooper's premium touring SUV/light truck all-season original equipment replacement tire. It is designed for drivers who want ride comfort and all-season traction in a highway touring tire. The H/T's wide grooves offer resistance to hydroplaning while improving traction year round. The tire's 'zig-zag' sipes enhance wet traction and winter performance on snow and ice. The H/T is suitable for a wide range of vehicles including sport utility vehicles, crossovers and light trucks and vans up to 1 ton.

Discoverer H/T Plus

Engineered to take highway travel and suburban routes in stride, the Discoverer H/T Plus delivers the exceptional performance and sport truck styling that drivers demand for their pickups and SUVs. Designed with wide grooves for excellent all-weather performance, the H/T Plus offers durability, comfort and handling without sacrificing highway performance. It provides an excellent replacement for the 20-inch fitments on full-size pickups and SUVs as well as “plus fitments” for drivers seeking to upgrade the looks and handling of their vehicle.

Discoverer HT3

Engineered from Cooper’s proven Discoverer product family, the Discoverer HT3 is a premium commercial light truck tire. The HT3 is specially engineered for commercial-grade performance and highway traction in all seasons and is intelligently designed to resist abnormal wear, making it the most dependable tire for business owners. It features advanced technologies, including 3D micro-gauge siping and solid outside shoulder ribs to improve vehicle handling and all-season performance. The HT3 is designed for a variety of commercial pickup trucks and vans for use in urban and suburban applications.

Discoverer HTP

The Discoverer HTP is a highway touring tire designed to deliver dependable traction and handling along with great mileage. The tread compound and design is ideally suited for today's sport utility vehicles, crossovers, and light-duty pickup trucks for a quiet, comfortable and responsive ride, providing true highway touring performance.

Discoverer LSX

The Discoverer LSX is an S-rated premium sport utility vehicle tire that provides enhanced wet traction and all-season performance for sport utility vehicles, crossovers, light trucks and some vans. This tire showcases four wide, notched circumferential grooves with a center rib that provides resistance to hydroplaning, while improving traction. Its deep-biting, zig-zag sipes enhances wet traction and winter performance on snow and ice. The LSX's siped semi-open shoulder design provides great wet and snow traction.

Discoverer LSX Plus

The Discoverer LSX Plus is a next generation premium product engineered to perform to the exact specifications of the most modern SUV, CUV and light duty pick-up trucks. This tire is the perfect choice for drivers who spend most of their time on the highway but occasionally need some all-terrain capabilities. Unique design features including four wide tread grooves and three dimensional sipes expel water and easily roll through all weather conditions providing a combination of handling, traction and durability.

CS3 Touring

The CS3 Touring is the newest addition to Cooper’s proven touring passenger tire line. This tire has specifically formulated tread compound which features new state-of-the-art STABILEDGETM technology for dry traction and 3D micro-gauge siping. The CS3 Touring provides all-season performance with premium features without the premium price. It is available in today’s popular sizes for a wide range of vehicles including sedans, minivans and small crossovers.

Lifeliner GLS

The Lifeliner GLS is an all-season touring tire designed for consumers looking for touring performance in a moderately-priced tire. This tire’s five rib, all-season design employs a computer enhanced sound quality system that optimizes the tread pattern’s pitch sequence to deliver a quiet ride. The Lifeliner GLS’s tread compound is specifically formulated for long wear and all-weather grip to provide dependability in a variety of conditions. The GLS fits a wide range of automobiles requiring a speed rated touring tire, both foreign and domestic.

Response Touring

The Cooper Response Touring is an all-season touring tire designed for consumers looking for touring performance in a moderately priced tire. The tread compound used in the Response Touring has been formulated for long wear and all-weather grip to provide consumers with value and dependability in a variety of conditions. It is ideally suited as a replacement set of tires for a wide range of foreign and domestic automobiles requiring a T-, H- or V-rated touring tire.

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